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117/208, Umanagari, Murarji Peth, Solapur. 413001

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+91 9960640234
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1Why should I join your classes?

At ChessNut Academy, we have put the needs of your child first and created a Chess Program which solves all the flaws in the learning process from many years of dedicated experience and practice. All children at all levels are stimulated, engaged and inspired by the excellence of the ChessNut Academy Student Management System.

2 How can I enroll my kids to class?

Just register by filling the form from our website link. If you still have problems you may contact Koravi Chandrashekhar sir on 9960640234.

3What is the timing/Schedule of the Class?

Please check this excel for the current timetable and vacancy of slots.

4 How many students are there in a batch?

Students are divided according to the level, language and timings and then only batches are been formed. Normally one batch consists of 3 to 5 students each.

5 What is the syllabus of your curriculum?

We have a tailor-made syllabus for all level of Chess. Depending on the level of student we have divided the batches into Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen & King.

We can't declare our whole syllabus here but you can have a glimpse of the syllabus of ChessNut Academy of Beginner Level.

1) Beginner Level

6 What if my child is absent for class? ?

We will have a makeup class for it. We may reschedule the class according to the convenience of the student as well as the coach.

7 Are there any offline classes??

Currently due to pandemic we have stopped our offline classes.