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About our training The ChessNut Academy team, better known as the gatekeepers of knowledge and great wisdom Hello! My name is Chandrashekhar Koravi , a 32 year-old rated player from India. My FIDE rating is 1933 (Jan 2021). I am a professional coach and player. I am looking for serious students. Chess is a game that requires a lot of study and dedication. If you're serious about improving your chess and are ready to invest in the next stages of your chess journey, either message me here on or send me an email at koravi1@gmail.com, sharing your chess story and why you'll be a great student! If you are willing to put in the necessary hours to improve, I will give you my full attention as a coach and mentor. Thanks!
Email : chessnutacademy@gmail.com
Contact : +91-9960640234 (only after 7pm) , 8855903011
Skype : chandrashekharkoravi

Do join us on whats app the link to join our whats app group is
1) https://chat.whatsapp.com/5mbRklYx1Pe6EVMpnqh353
2) https://chat.whatsapp.com/FaKZ5w3MiwEKa4wguIbuf0
3) https://chat.whatsapp.com/Gx1juyoX11dHZMhoPiBKCp
For beginners please contact
Jayshree Koravi on 8855903011
Location: Solapur
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Online Coaching We offer online coaching classes for long distance students. We have students from USA, Netherland, Phillipines etc...
Daily Practice Tournament Join Our Chess Club to practice, learn and sharpen your Chess Skills in a cozy family friendly environment.
World Wide Tournaments Our ChessNut Academy participates in many world wide tournaments where teams from USA, Phillipines, Russia compete with each other.

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Mr. Koravi has been a great coach for my 5 year old child. I was pleasantly surprised to see my not so patient child focus for 45 mins straight, kudos to the coach’s teaching style that keeps it entertaining and engaging. I’m happy to see my child’s progress with the game as well as improved focus in other areas. I’d highly recommend Chessnut Academy!
Maksim Goffin

Abhishek Gundala, USA

Koravi sir is an excellent coach with great interpersonal skills. He is highly dedicated and passionate towards his students' performance and ensures that his students stay motivated. Thank you sir for being an important part of Akshaj's chess journey!
Maksim Goffin

Suvarna Prakash Patil

Even though Chess is a game where there is a need for lot of learning by the players, Koravi sir follows a simplified approach by making use of the different chess platforms available to make sure the child doesnt get intimidated by the learning but enjoys the competitions and the daily tasks which helps to improve their chess skill. He is very methodological in his approach by making sure there are daily assignments, frequent tests and even parents meetings to discuss various aspects of child's chess development.
Maksim Goffin

Neo Joy

I love the innovative concept of The Tuition Arena and I found it really works for my child.
Maksim Goffin

Sandra Greenwood